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The Inspirational Celina Rei in the Los Angeles Times

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How wild is that? Yes, she is definitely above the fold, and great picture too! She looks so cute! I am very proud (and so very jelly). The gist of the article dealt with the issue of women making a name for themselves in a male dominated career. I don’t think I’m a hardcore feminist or anything, but I do love seeing women making career moves in my life. So I guess besides being an awesome tennis player, sports junkie, clothes lover, Hello Kitty fiend, etc etc… my friend Celina Rei is my inspiration too. I could only hope that one day (hopefully soon) someone will think I contributed enough or made enough of a difference… So I too can be an inspirational woman and have an article written about me. 😉

Celina Rei in Sunday\'s LA Times, Jobs Section


Written by hellokittyjunkie

June 24, 2008 at 12:37 am