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Beautiful! Alfa Romero 159 | Vivez l’expérience 159 screenshots:

Alfa Romero 159 Screenshot

Rollovers above are beautifully lit when you go over each rectangle. There is also a sound that plays.

I love the typography and the colors on each section. They know how to use the big quotation marks, imo.

Alfa Romero 159 Screenshot

Nice subtleties added, like a few leaves falling in the background and the street lights glowing big to small.

Alfa Romero 159 Screenshot

Alfa Romero 159 Screenshot

Rollovers on the yellow text was also nice and clean — gray rectangle underneath on hover.

Alfa Romero 159 Screenshot

Animated lightening in the background.

Alfa Romero 159 Screenshot

I also enjoyed the photo treatment on the images, like the lense flares.

Alfa Romero 159 Screenshot

Site was designed by Soleil Noir.


Written by hellokittyjunkie

April 30, 2008 at 2:13 am

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